Things to See and Do in Newport Beach California

California is not just about Hollywood. It has a lot of natural attractions that are even more stunning than the stars themselves. A lot of these attractions are found in Newport Beach. Newport Beach is a coastal city located in Orange County. It boasts of beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets and waves that surfers just love to ride. These are the top things you can do and see in Newport Beach.


  1. Balboa Island

It is a small island that is teeming with different activities waiting to be enjoyed. One can fish, shop, dine in local restaurants and just bask in the sun on the beautiful beach. There is also a Fun Zone where visitors of the island can take rides and play in the arcade. Locals in the area give surfing lessons to the guests, as well.

  1. The Wedge

Surfing is one activity you should not miss when going to Newport Beach. The place is known for massive man-made waves that go as high as 30 feet. Thousands of surfers and bodyboarders frequent the beach every year for adventure and fun. Do not think of going to the water if you are not a ‘seasoned’ surfer though. But, you can still watch from the shore and enjoy the show most experts display.

  1. Fashion Island

The name says it all. It is a paradise for shoppers. It offers an open-air shopping experience that makes you enjoy the weather and purchase at the same time. There are various bars and restaurants in the center and a movie theater, too. One would be able to find cool garbs that all Cali youngsters flaunt nowadays.

  1. Environmental Nature Center

If you are into plants and the wildlife, this is the best place for you. It is a living nature laboratory that was cultivated by students and teachers from the 70s. And it has become one of the most famous places to visit for nature lovers in Newport Beach.

  1. Crystal Cove

The 3.5 miles of unspoiled coastline is a favorite among hikers, trailblazers and campers. It is surrounded by relaxing cottages that visitors can book. The famous martini flag comes up at 5 PM and it signals the start of the nightlife in the coast. Different restaurants serving dishes from all over the world like Peruvian Food Newport Beach CA are always worth visiting for. The food would surely complete your vacation and take your travel.