The Tropical MBA Site

A podcast is a new way to learn new things and listen to inspirational stories of people who have succeeded in their fields. One of the things that most people always wanted to do is to have their own business and succeed or to grow their business so that they can stop working for an employer. That is the reason why many people today search for podcast websites that focus on the field of entrepreneurship or business ownership.

One of the sites in that line is Tropical MBA. It was established several years ago by two people who have ventured into business in the earlier years of the millennium. Since they have succeeded, they have made it a commitment to share their story and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs so that they can also succeed in the field.

The good thing is that people who are interested in subscribing in their podcast can do so by iTunes, their RSS feed, or Stitcher. They can also download the podcasts if they want to listen to any of those offline. People who will be listening to their podcasts can find shared experiences not just of the founders but also of other successful entrepreneurs. Once you check out this interview, you will immediately feel inspired and might become hooked to their podcasts.

What is better is that the site does not only contain podcast that people can listen to but also articles or blogs for those who love to read or do both. Amazingly, the founders also love to interact with their subscribers by answering their queries via email. Also, since the founders believe that entrepreneurs should be surrounded with like-minded and positive people, they have created a community wherein their subscribers can join. By doing so, they can connect with different people in the field who can give them inspiration and whom they can share their experiences as well.

The DC community, specifically, is where people will be able to find e-commerce business owners, marketing experts, business consultants, SaaS, and the likes. They can also interact and learn a lot via the community’s forums. Upon subscribing, people will also be able to meet up with other members of the community and this is done every month in different cities and continents.

Likewise, they also get to meet during the communities events in Bangkok and Barcelona. In addition, members can also locate one another through the community’s member location software. Thus, if any of them visits a place, they can easily contact a member so that they can meet up and talk if they want to. What is more interesting is that the members of the community also have a quarterly program called the Mastermind Rush wherein they can also learn new things.

Final Thoughts

Tropical MBA, as we can see from above is a website that has been created to ensure that entrepreneurs learn new things not just through reading and listening, but also through interaction. That is why they have also created a community for interested people. Although the membership is paid, the site offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.