The Top Three Archaic Roof Designs in Modern Age

Many people say that as you enter a new age, you need to forget the past and embrace the present. However, it is not the same with roofing styles. As time passes by, old roofing styles are becoming more popular and chic. In fact, you can see various celebrities, millionaires and even home magazines promoting to use roofing styles of the past. Old-fashioned roof styles are still “in” in this modern era. There are several individuals who prefer such roofing style due to the nostalgia it brings and the sophistication it holds. Moreover, old styled homes are more elegant than contemporary ones which make it more appealing to people.


There are several old-fashioned roof styles which you can browse on the web. However, among them, here is a list of the top three all-time favorite roof designs from the past until today.

Mansard Roofs

If you want to experience to live in an old French Renaissance home, use a mansard roof design. This roof style is the signature roof style during the French Renaissance era. Most houses in the past with such roofing styles are French manor and country homes. The purpose of this roof style is to provide more storage area inside the home. The roof in this style consists of four slopes.

Gable Roofs

Tudor inspired homes, as well as colonial and rustic styled houses, use gable roof designs. The gable roof style appears like an upturned V. Because of its shape, this roof design allows easy flow of water and snow. Although gable roofs can hold rain and snows, it is not fit for locations with extreme weather conditions since this design is not resilient to strong winds.

Hip Roofs

Most American houses from the past and even in this year use hip roof designs. If you are planning to build a cottage style house, this roof design will do good compared to other styles. In addition, this roof design is resistant to strong winds and extreme weather conditions which make it perfect to use for your beach house architectural plan.

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