The Most Outstanding and Professional Orthodontist in Texas

The physical appearance of everyone maters a lot because it determines the first impression that, that person will have in the eyes of others. Particularly the face matters a lot in describing a person. If you have bad, misaligned and crooked teeth, you can never be confident, and you cannot even enjoy having a smile or laughing in front of people. The best orthodontist in the Woodlands, TX is none other than Dr. Brad Leiker. He is reliable and he brags having an extensive experience in his field over 20 years. The whole community that resides in the aforementioned area trust him because they have seen what he can do.

Orthodontist services

You should have well-arranged teeth that are also white in colour so that you can be confident and look presentable. However, if you do not have that, this is your ultimate destination where you will find all the solutions that you want for your teeth. All the necessary services are offered here to make this a one stop orthodontist center for you and yur family. Some of the available services include:-

  • Invasalign clear braces – these are a perfect alternative to metal braces. If you do not want the metal braces, your teeth will be fixed with these plastic braces.
  • Malocclusion treatment – Dr Leiker is not well equipped and skilled to offer you all the orthodontist services that you need so that you can have an infectious smile. He uses Roth Technique to align your jaw properly to enhance straightening of our teeth.
  • Kids braces – just like how there are braces for adults who have misaligned teeth, there are also braces for kids. Dr. Leiker is also a pediatric orthodontics professional, and he fixes these braces to children who are between 6 – 10 years.
  • Cost effective braces – we have a wide range of braces like Lingual, Clear Ceramic, Modern Metal Braces, Invasalign, and Self Ligating. With all these, you cannot fail to find the one that best suits you and you have it fixed to your teeth.

This is one of the most reliable and satisfactory orthodontics center where your smile is restored after correction of misaligned teeth. The necessary orientation and in depth consultation is given to you before the whole process begins.

To recap, we really care about you and your family, by ensuring that we shed off embarrassment from you, and we restore your smile.