London Transportation

London is a vast city and unless you know its transport very well there are high chances that you will either get lost or pay a bomb for your movement. London city has a very well developed network of both public and private services. Public transport accounts almost one third and private transport accounts for another one third of travels. The remaining one third is made by private vehicles. Below we have listed some of the popular transportation services of London that connects it to international, domestic and local destinations


Metro Rail

Metro rail is often regarded as the life line of London. Without the metro, London would not have been as we know it. It is especially helpful for the people who travel from the suburbs to the down town London city. London metro consists of three rail systems. London underground is the largest among the three, followed by the Docklands Light Railway and Tram Link system. London underground more popularly known as the “tube” owns the proud reputation of being the world’s oldest rapid transport system. Every day it carries an astonishing 3 million passengers. Docklands Light Railway carries similar number of passengers. It primarily serves that east London area. Tram Link is a light rail and tram system that primarily serves the south London area. Tickets and passes are interchangeable for each of the three rail systems. Intercity, airport & international rail connectivity to and from London is provided by the British Railways that is the primary form of heavy railway in London.

Taxi and Cab services

London railway is ably supported by a flurry of taxi and cab services. Modern Taxi service such as Uber also provides their services in London. Specific areas have specific services such as Minicab in Stratford are very famous for their quick and efficient services. Minicabs are also popular in some other areas of London.


London is one of the best services cities in the world when we talk about air transport. It is connected to almost all major cities in the world. Domestically, it is connected to all other airport sin the UK. London has 7 airports in its vicinity and all of them serve London. Different airlines fly to different airports and most of the time they service more than one of them.

Water ways London is located in the banks of Thames river, therefore it is connected by waterways as well.