Hippie Clothes at Groovy Goods

There are different fashion trends that people follow according to what they think expresses their selves more accurately. However, in present time, there are only a few people who are brave enough to sport a fashion trend from the 70s to 80s.

Hidden Gem in the City of Iowa

For those people are hippie by heart, people who live for tie-dye shirts and dresses, hoodies, hats, polos designed with vibrant colors, looking for a store that still exclusively sell hippie clothings can be really challenging. But, the good news is, for those people who lives in the city of Iowa, hippie clothes in Des Moines Iowa have been known for quite some time.

Hippie Store in Des Moines

Groovy Goods is a store which is dedicated to bring together one big happy community who enjoys the same fashion sense, taste in music, and other interest which involves peace, love, and rock and roll.

Not only this store offers hippie clothes in Des Moines Iowa, but they also sell other accessories, tapestries, home decors, and a lot more; Basically, any items which people find useful, something that will fully express the hippie inside them.

Fashion and Hippie Clothings

The store Groovy Goods don’t only sell clothes women, but they actually sell clothes for any age group. There are also clothes which were made in a comfortable fabric material which is recommended for summers, and there are also clothes which are winter-ready.

Family Apparel

Looking for an affordable hippie clothes for the entire family? The Groovy Goods is the best place to be. Men and women, even kids can shop in the store. There are many clothes to choose from starting from the vibrant colors, the styles of shirts and pants, as well as the material. There are also clothes which are winter and fall ready with its fleece-lined clothes. Also, lighter, more comfortable and clothes of vibrant colors are also available in the store which is appropriate for spring and summer.

Tie-dye and Music Shirts

One thing people can associate when they hear the word hippie is usually tie-dye shirts. Familiar with that swirling rainbow design on clothes? Those are tie-dye shirts. The best thing about the Groovy Goods is that, there is a variety of tie-dye shirts in different color palette people can actually choose from. Also, during social events, a hippie look usually wouldn’t be complete without wearing a music or band shirt. There are different band shirts available in the store starting from The Beatles and other iconic bands in the history of music.