Buying Microwave For Your RV

Buying any equipment for your RV can be a difficult task because RV equipment needs to conform to the exact requirements of vehicle and at the same time they should serve the purpose for which you are buying it. Microwave is one of the most important equipment that RV travellers carry with them because cooking under travelling conditions can be very tedious and that is why microwave becomes very critical for RV travellers. Microwave not only offers quick and easy cooking options but also you can use it to warm pre-cooked food. Will not all these wonderful qualities of microwave make your life so easy on a long distance trip? Although microwaves are very useful, the challenge lies in finding the right RV microwave for your RV.


The microwave has to have enough power so that it can be put to multipurpose usage. We recommend that your microwave should have at least 600 W power rating. We feel that 600 W is enough power for almost all the use that you can think of on an RV and at the same time it will be easy on your vehicle.  600W microwave takes approximately 0.6 cubic feet of space which means that it can be fitted on even a small to medium size RV

The second tip that we have for you is that you should buy a microwave which has multi power levels. Usually the microwave that we use at home comes with a highly differentiated power levels but the RV microwaves have step power levels. The good ones have 6 power levels and the middle ones would have 4 to 5 levels. You can choose as per your need.

Your RV microwave should also have some additional features such as timer, sleep mode, travel mode and utensil’s position fixing feature. All these features are required to make it usable when your drive as well as when it is in resting mode. Your RV’s microwave must go to sleep when you are travelling, however it should also have the facility to use it when you are moving. There are many other features that you may desire in your microwave, hence be very careful while choosing one for your RV.

Once you have decided the type of microwave that you want to buy for your RV, the next question that you will face is that from where to buy. This question we will deal in another article.