Add More Value to Your Home

When you are planning to put your house up on the market, you would need to do some minor (or sometimes major) renovations in order to get your return of investment and more. You would want your house to sell fast and at a price you want. No matter how small or big the house is, make sure to check the following.


  1. Curb appeal

The outside of the house is the first thing that buyers would be looking at. Make some changes in your landscape or add some plants and even a fountain to make it more appealing. Always keep the grasses trimmed and the trees pruned for a neater look. You might also want to redo the paint or replace the siding of the house to attract more buyers.

  1. Bathroom

Consider replacing old tiles, tubs, sink and toilet. It is also important to choose materials that can be easily polished since the bathroom is one of the most difficult to clean in the house.

  1. Kitchen

Another priority you should have is the kitchen. A lot of people still prefer a spacious kitchen where they can move around easily while preparing meals. Also, you would need to replace old appliances and add some cabinets if you have only minimum storage space. You might also consider changing your countertops if you have enough budget to spare and give the walls some fresh paint.

  1. Master’s Bedroom

Add more appeal to the room by making it into a suite. You can open up the outside wall and replace it with glass if the house is overlooking a beautiful view. Adding a balcony, even just a small one, would also be great. You might also want to add some additional storage spaces and drawers.

  1. Lighting

The brighter a room is, the wider it looks. Add more lights in dim areas and make sure to check that all the lights work. Replace old bulbs and find one that you can dim at night. Look for a more modern chandelier or add some hanging lights in the kitchen if you have a high ceiling. Do not forget to do the same outside the house. You might want to add some dramatic lights in the garden or the patio, too.

  1. Wiring and Pipes

It is important that the electrical wirings and your pipe system have been inspected. Faulty wirings or leaks on the pipes would cost a lot if they are not regularly checked. A buyer wouldn’t want to spend money on those as soon as he or she moves in. So, make sure that you got everything covered before opening the house for viewing.

  1. Pests and Molds

You would need to pay some home inspectors to make sure that the house does not keep any pests or does not have rots or molds hidden behind walls. You might be facing a costly concession if you haven’t had these checked before selling. You can also try to get hold of home improvement professionals here, to earn 5% cash back EVERY time.